Header pictures

As you’ve probably noticed, this site looks quite attractive with the black theme that I have put up (it is called dust).  Part of the theme is an image rotator for the header, and the theme comes with 8 default pictures of various cities around the world.  The pictures themselves don’t really try to steal the attention of the reader, instead they almost blend in as part of the background.  The only issue with this pictures is that they don’t really describe me, when Bec first visited the site she thought it was someone elses, has her browser wasn’t full screen and all she saw was the header picture.

I quickly tried to create a couple of simple header pictures that are more me (the first was a picture of my car).  But as you might not immediatly realise, the theme is set up to resize the picture as the window resizes.  As soon as I uploaded the picture of my car it looked absolutely horrible.  I could wade through the sea of CSS and update it so that I can upload my own pictures, but for now I can’t be bothered (I’ll add it to the mile long list of things I have to do).

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