New things!

It seems since we moved upto Canberra we’ve been getting heaps of new things.  I’m not sure wether its just cause we have moved out of home and didn’t have enough space for lots of new things or wether its because we are working more (I am at least) and getting paid a lot more than when we were in Melbourne.

There were the essential things we needed to buy (fridge, washing machine, appliances etc) after moving out, but now we’ve started to get lots of other stuff too.  We got a fancy dining table with leather chairs, we’ve ordered a fancy leather couch and just tonight we got a new tea pot, tea cups and tea.

The new teapot is cool, its similar to the one I bought a week ago, but the new one is black (instead of white) and a little bit smaller (450ml instead of 680).  The tea cups are these fancy insulated ones, there is actually a vacuum between the inside of the cup (where the tea sits) and the outside of the cup, so you can put boiling hot water in them and them and the outside of the cup doesn’t heat up at all.  It’s a little bit different than using a standard cup, because you can’t feel the outside of the cup to see how hot the tea is.  The new teas we got were Pai Mu Tan (a white China Tea), Chocolate Mint and Red Fruits.  The Pai Mu Tan and Choc Mint I’ve tried at work and liked, but the Red Fruits I haven’t tried before, so it should be interesting.

New tea pot, cup and tea


Hopefully soon we will stop spending lots of money each weekend… but I don’t think that will happen for a long time.

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