Ferrari Depression

Ever since I was a kid I loved Ferraris.

Today at Marques In The Park there were around 10 of them, ranging from some old classics (Dino and Testa Rossa) to some of the newer models.  The strange thing about seeing Ferraris though (and this is worse when you see lots at once), is that feeling afterwards when you realise that (realistically) there is no path you can see to owning one.

Ferraris have long been regarded amongst the most elite of cars; and from a young age people are programmed to enjoy the look of them and strive for one.  This is definitely something I did, throughout high school I had a small Dino, Testa Rossa, F40 and F50 sitting on my desk to remind me to study and try to motivate me to work hard.  The problem though is even if you study hard, the chance of you actually getting to own one is very very low (how many people do you know that actually own a Ferrari vs would like to own a Ferrari?).

So now I’m left with that empty feeling inside where my brain has once again dragged me back to reality.  Sure I’m “smart” and I have a “good job”, but the chance of me being able to have a spare 300-800 thousand dollars to spend on an Italian sports car (not to mention the money for maintenance and insurance and the ability to handle the stress of driving/owning one) is about 0%.

So where does that leave me?  I’m smart enough to know I can’t own a Ferrari, but I still want one, and still have that voice from my childhood inside me crying out.  Like most people I guess I’ll continue to chase that feeling I think I would get from owning one; by owning, modifying and driving standard cars (Hondas, Corollas etc).  The only problem with the chase is that it is fraught with peril, takes lots of effort/skill (which I don’t have) and in the end will never get me to the place I really want to be (as it will always be a compromise).

Sure I can set more realistic goals (my current “realistic dream car” is a brand new Evolution X), but really it’s a harsh life lesson when you truly realise that some of those things you have always wanted (that have been with you so long they are now part of your entire being) will never come to pass.

The only solace I can take looking back on today’s experience; is that I didn’t hear them leaving, unlike last time the Ferrari club was out and I was tortured with the sounds of their amazing Italian engines revving and echoing of all the nearby tall buildings.

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