A friend recently has motived me to do a blog post of photos (check out her awesome blog here:

With that in mind I’m going to try and let the pictures do the talking.

As a photographer, in the beginning I was very scared of light, there always seemed to be too much of it ruining my photos.  I could often see it, but it was hard to capture.

This first photo is the kitchen of my old apartment.  It had lots of different lights in it, but the downlights really set the mood, I could never truly capture the magic of those lights, but this was my best attempt.

I then began to realise that with some preparation you could capture the lights, and they could draw magical shapes.  This was the first photo of fireworks I ever took (taken at Skyfire 2009), and definitely my favourite.

Light can come from anywhere and can be shaped and coloured by everything.  This is a photo I took though a window of a table at a restaurant lit up through a stained glass window.

Sometimes the light at a particular point in time is only a part of the puzzle.  This photo was taken on State Circuit using a long exposure.

You also have to be aware of reflections.  The can also show the lights in a different way, and can make things more magical.

Hopefully this helps to convey the power and majesty of light, and reminds you to keep your eyes open all the time.

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