Managing the “Craig Tregear” brand

On of the things that I’ve started to think about lately is the lack of organisation (or need for re-organisation) of my online presence (or “brand” if you put it in terms of marketing myself).  Why is this an issue?  Well it means that all of my content is spread over the vastness of the internet and that often when I have new content I don’t know where to put it.  This is one of the flaws that I think the internet has, because there are so many different sites offering the same or similar features etc people are forced to make a choice which parts of the web they want to utilize to get the features they want, or are forced to use multiple sites (offering the same or similar features) to get maximum exposure of be part of their varying networks.

For the record, i currently have accounts/presence on the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • Steam (I’ve included it here cause they often push the social networking aspect of it, and it now has integration with various other sites).
  • Several car forums: Rollaclub, NissanSilvia/Hardtuned, AE86DC, OzHonda (shudder)
  • UPlay (Ubisofts game management network)
  • Not to mention various online game accounts (Eve, WoW, etc).

Most people these days will have accounts on most of the sites listed at the start of the list, and then various accounts similar to those at the end.

The problem is that after a while things become quite dispersed, you start to forget about utilizing certain sites (, and my Flickr all haven’t been updated in a while) and when you want to put content online it’s hard to decide where (do you place it on one site, or multiple, or use integration to allow it to propagate).

Photos are one of the things that I seem to deal with quite a bit.  The problem is that I essentially have photos for different audiences.  In an attempt to solve this I currently place photos into two different places; bulk uploads from events go to and all other photos (including photoshopped pics from the bulk uploads) go to facebook.  Initially I also used Flickr and for the best of my photos (sort of showing off my portfolio), but lately I’ve lapsed on this and I’m using Facebook for that.  The issue though with using Facebook to essentially store my portfolio is that it starts merging the different online representations that I have (ie Craig the photographer with Craig the person).

With that in mind, I think my first step to resolving the issue is to decide WHAT online representation I want to have before I work out HOW to achieve it.  This will take a fair bit of thinking to determine the correct list, but as an initial pass I think I will have the following:

  • Craig the person (for personal online identity, eg for social networking, family etc)
  • Craig the Photographer
  • Craig the awesome dude (my public online identity, for blogging etc)
  • Craig the car enthusiast/forum user (whether or not this should intersect with my other identities I’m not sure)
  • Craig the employee (my online representation of my current employment)
  • Craig the software developer (this is essentially marketing myself as a professional in my field, this would intersect peripherally with Craig the awesome dude and Craig the employee)

Now that I’ve got the initial list I can start to think about what features each of those people requires, and then what sites/applications can provide them.  After that comes the effort linking it all together/determining the best way to manage each of these identities; keep certain identities private/separate and joining others together.

I think it will be a long time until I achieve that perfectly manage/designed online Zen presence…

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