Another day… another Prince.

The Prince of Persia franchise has always been a favourite of mine; along with the Need For Speed (at least NFSU-Undercover), Splinter Cell and Assassin Creed.  Each of the new games took the good things from those before it, and added a couple of new things, without really changing too much.  This meant that each game was similar to those before, but still a new unique game.

  • Warrior Within took the platforming from Sands of Time, and added a new combat system. It also made the game a lot darker/grittier.
  • Two Thrones added a duality system and found a middle ground between the almost Disney quality of SOT and the death metal tone of WW.
  • Prince Of Persia (2008), rebooted the series, and while taking aspects from the previous three games, was an new unique game (using cell shading).  It added an open world mechanic and new abilities etc.

This now brings us to the latest incarnation, Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (2010), which I was lucky enough to get in a (amazingly priced) pack on Steam with all the previous games.  As with the other games (for their times) it has current generation graphics, and looks great.  After playing the game for almost 3 hours now though, I haven’t really found anything unique/new about it.  To me it really just seems like a rehash of the Sands Of Time Trilogy, with a slightly different story and no female backing character.

The only thing it has (so far) that none of the previous games had is the ability to freeze water (which, lets face it, isn’t a game changer).  When I first realised that it was just a rehash of SOT I was a little angry.  I thought that I deserved a little more effort from the developers.

As I play through it though, I’m starting to forgive the developers (slightly).  At the end of the day, the first 3 games were great, and I guess why would you mess with a formula that works.  The original 3 games were released 2003, 2004, 2005 which is now over 5 years ago, so releasing a game which is (essentially) a remake isn’t a terrible idea.  And even though it feels like I’m running through the same corridors, solving the same puzzles and watching the same (cliché) storyline, I will continue to play though it cause it’s still entertaining and has that trait of being able to suck me in that story based games have.  If Ubisoft can keep cranking out games like Prince Of Persia and Splinter Cell that provide a good 10 – 20 hours of entertainment without trying to be the big thing; I will keep buying/playing them.


As a side note; the only big annoyance I have with the new Prince of Persia, and in fact with almost every other 3D platformer I’ve played (including Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia etc), is the terrible use of changing camera angles and “leap of faith” type gameplay.  Sometimes with the Prince of Persia games (especially with the Dhaka scenes in Warrior Within) the game is designed to allow that flowing free running style of gameplay that doesn’t punish you if you are slightly off when there is a leap of faith.  While Forgotten Sands isn’t the worst game I’ve played in this respect (Tomb Raider definitely takes the trophy for that one), it’s still ends up giving you a couple of moments where you are left swearing at the computer because the camera rapidly span around and you ended up jumping in the opposite direction that you intended (usually off a cliff and/or into a pit of spikes).


To see some of the sexiness of the newest game, check out the screenshots below.

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