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I’ve had this blog running for quite a while now (can’t be bothered looking back to see when my first post was, but I’m pretty sure it’s been over a year).  Sure it’s pretty bad, the posts are just “flow of consciousness” type rants and no one actually reads it, but the point of this blog was just to give me an outlet to put my ideas instead of bugging people in real life who don’t care about my thoughts.  Almost every day I receive emails from the blog telling me there are no comments to approve/disapprove.  Each time I look at these I realise it’s just more spam.

As I said, no one actually reads this, so in the whole time the blog has been online I’ve only received 1 actual response to my posts.  Currently I have 288 responses that I’ve tagged as spam and another 256 (yay, power of 2!) waiting to be approved/disapproved.  Unfortunately though, I browse through the responses as I read through the notification in my email and I know that none of those 256 are from a real human being :(

Oh well, even if nobody human reads this and hears my point of view at least the spambots are, and they love it!


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    As I was going through an marking all the responses as spam, I noticed that one of them mentioned VSO Image Resizer. It’s a tool that I use to bulk resize images and convert RAWs to JPGs. It is a great tool and I highly recommend it. What’s a little weird though is (until now) I have never mentioned it in my blog… Either the spambot has posted about it by sheer coincidence, or somehow the hive mind of the internet knows that I have downloaded it and decided to post about it on my blog… spooky.

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    I read this!


    P.S., Put a damn date (including year! I just love how often the day and month are given on blogs, but *not* the year, coz, y’know, things on the ‘net don’t hang around for more than a few months) on the entries :-)

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    Having the date show up is more a part of the theme. I think I need a new theme, or at least to tweak this one a little.

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