The Perfect Game – Part 3: Achievement (Part 2)

Not long after my last post I started playing Just Cause.

Just Cause is a third person game (similar to GTA3) where you play a covert operative overthrowing the government of a small cluster of islands.  The game iteslf is quite large and from the very start of the game you have free roam to anywhere on the island.  It’s got lots of other cool features, like the ability to parachute, it also has cars, motorbikes, helicopters and planes. Overall it’s a pretty good game, although it does have it’s problems (the vehicle control is sometimes a little sloppy, sometimes the game runs a little laggy, it can get a little repetitive, etc) but the main thing that I wanted to point out is how well it displays feedback of your progress.  Here are some various screen shots of the “PDA” that contains all the progress screens, they are simple and to the point.  Also, from the beginning, you can see every settlement you need to take over, and all the items in the game to collect (unlike most games with collectable items where you need to find them yourself, and they are impossibly hard).

The map, showing the location off all the towns that can be captured and all the collectable items.

The map, showing zones/regions that have been taken over by the player.

General progress statistics.

Item collection progress.

Faction progress.

As I said, it’s not the best game in the world, and it still has a lot wrong with it, but at least they got some things right.

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